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Sunday, November 29th, 2009
12:03 am
Two Meditations for when you've got problems

...Which is always, let's face it. We wouldn't be humans if we didn't have problems from time to time. I find that sometimes I have troubles, and they come "not as spies, but as battalions"- and other times, I have a pretty steady, good life-stream going for me, but a lurking fear arises about a background issue and manages to build itself into a stress.

I think this is totally normal, or at least I hope it is. But since everyone else around me seems to have problems all the time and has always had them (and considering I'm trained as a professional to absorb other people's problems) I have to imagine (as so many others have) that being human is partly being worried or troubled. I think we've all been wrapped up in our problems for so long that none of us ever stop to think that life can be different.

I hate to sound like a total moron by saying something like "I guess being human means having troubles" because that sounds so painfully obvious, but I also find that often, the most obvious things are what people ignore. We identify with our troubles to the point that we can't even talk or think about them as separate from "us". We totally accept their angst as "part of us and everyone". And now that I'm doing it, pointing out the accepted obvious, it sounds banal and idiotic... but if you think about it again, why don't we ever draw that dividing line between ourselves and our troubles? And when you do it, your troubles begin to seem strangely alien. You begin to realize how much you've just forgotten that maybe they aren't all so intimate.

I don't guess I believe in a "magic bullet" that will end all our problems, but I do believe that there is a way of living, philosophical and spiritual, that will heal most of us of 90% of what stands between us and a simple daily peace.

As most of you know, I'm the world's worst Stoic; I accept the Pagan Stoic philosophy, and gradually, I have begun integrating it and trying to shape my life around it. I believe living in the Stoic path will bring not only peace, but the protection of Divinity and the Gods onto people. Part of being Stoic is meditating- and I've found two excellent meditations from ancient Stoic literature that I have come to find invaluable in the art of my own life.

They are very simple meditations that have helped me enormously. The first is the meditation on giving advice, and the second is the meditation on the worst possible scenario. Here is a short description of each, so that any of you can engage them if you like.

1. The Meditation on Giving Advice

Wash your hands and face, and sit quietly by candlelight in a dark or dim place, away from noise and disturbance. Focus on the divinity within you and the protecting spirit that guards you, and then visualize a close friend that you love. Allow your problem to leave you totally, as though you don't have it anymore, and never had it- and let it go into that friend. Now, imagine this friend coming to visit you, and telling you about that problem. Ask yourself with great and powerful honesty: what advice would you give that friend, if this situation really happened? Listen to that advice, which should come from your heart. You will be surprised what comfort you can find in your own wisdom.

2. The Meditation on The Worst Possible Scenario

Wash your hands and face, and sit quietly by candlelight in a dark or dim place, away from noise and disturbance. Focus on the divinity within you and the protecting spirit that guards you, and then focus on the troubles that are besetting you. Visualize very, very clearly all of the ways that your current situation could be ten times worse than it is now. Despite what some may say, nearly any situation could be worse than it is. Really let yourself enumerate the ways that your situation could be worse. See in your mind's eye the ways it could be more terrible. Think of terrible things that could exist alongside, but which do not. When you have done this long enough, let that nightmare scenario go, and you'll discover that your own situation no longer has quite the sting it had before.

* * *

Praise the philosopher kings who spread the Truth among mankind in times long past!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009
8:25 pm
The War for the West

Did you enjoy the Lord of the Rings trilogy, either the books or the movies?

That's because you're a racist, a patriarchal imperialist, and an Anglo-Saxon oppressor. Learn more about your disgusting social habits here:


BE WARNED: 95% of you will be offended. Contains incendiary talk about racism, white people, and Islam.
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
10:11 am
Not Awake, Not Asleep: Opening the Faery Portal Trance

Opening the Faery Portal Trance

A discussion regarding extraordinary states of awareness within the stream of traditional witchcraft and postmodern or revivalist sorcery

By Robin Artisson
Copyright © 2009

* * *

PART I: The Bridge Between Night and Day

"Aloneness haunts. The crack of the sky.
A primordial thing
Where blurred vision first cleared its way
Into an ancient eye.
The first vacant look, the first stirring
Mingling night and day."

-Peter Makem

Click Here To Read The Full Essay

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009
3:38 pm
Sundown Door: Opening The Way to the Sky

The Path to the Star-Throne of the Lady

Click the Deer To Journey Onward.
Thursday, February 5th, 2009
12:14 am
For those wishing for a community in which to discuss the belief in more than one God, please join polytheists. Membership will be moderated.
Sunday, January 4th, 2009
11:46 am
May Hades Swallow Israel Whole

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – With booms from artillery and airstrikes keeping them awake, the 10 members of Lubna Karam's family spent the night huddled in the hallway of their Gaza City home.

Earlier strikes shattered the living room windows, letting cold air pour in. The Karams haven't had electricity for a week and have run out of cooking gas. The family, including three small children younger than four, eats cold, canned beans.

"It's war food," said Karam, 28. "What else can we do?"

As Israel's offensive against Hamas moves from pinpointed airstrikes to ground fighting and artillery shelling, Gaza's civilians are increasingly exposed. Some two dozen civilians were killed within hours after the start of Israel's ground invasion Saturday night.

Israel says eight days of aerial bombardment, followed by the ground invasion, seek to undermine Hamas' ability to fire rockets at the Jewish state. So far, more than 500 Palestinians and four Israelis have been killed. Palestinian and U.N. officials say at least 100 Palestinian civilians are among the dead.

The ground offensives will put Israeli solders, Gaza militants and civilians in much closer quarters.

The guiding principle of Israel's ground invasion is to move in with full force and try to minimize Israeli casualties, Israeli military correspondent Alex Fishman wrote in the daily Yediot Ahronoth. "We'll pay the international price later for the collateral damage and the anticipated civilian casualties," Fishman said.

While Israeli said its airstrikes have targeted only Hamas installations and leaders, some of the bombs were so powerful that they destroyed or damaged adjacent houses.


* * *


May Israel and its warmongering Zionist leadership all die by righteous causes;
May Israel and its warmongering Zionist leadership all die by righteous hands.
May they sink into the oblivion of the Charnel House deep below-
May they be taken by the true Gods that they deny and ignore,
The Gods who will not forget Zion's murderous injustice
Which they constantly rain down on innocent women and children;
The vengeful Gods who will not forget such wanton corruption and elitism!

May all of Israel's wicked fall into the noose of death,
May they finally be purged from the earth;
May they forget the warmth of the sun, the coolness of water, and the sound of laughter.
May all who support the vicious Zionists join them in that choking darkness!
May their words get lost in the great and soundless regions of night.
May their hopes turn into bile and dust
May their every happiness come to nothing!

May they feel soul-shredding terror when they realize the falsehood of their God
And all that they have been taught to dearly believe since birth!

May they cry endless tears as their elitist dreams about themselves are torn away
By the hands of heartless Fate before whom no man or woman is an exception!

May they shriek in sorrow to see how they have wronged their brothers and sisters,
How in murdering the children of others, they murdered their own;
How in promulgating doctrines of monotheism and arrogance, they gave up their souls!

May the true terrorists- those who kill women and children from afar-
With bombs dropped from airplanes, indiscriminate artillery, and financial imperialism:
May they never know peace or happiness again, lost in the dark grip of the Unseen!

May those who oppose the Zionists on the ground, on the sea, or in the sky be blessed!
May the hands of Justice deliver lethal blows through these brave men and women
With great swiftness and savagery!

May all of the lands that were stolen by the Zionist invaders
Be returned to those who rightfully belong there,
And may the refugees live again in peace, their children growing strong
And no longer dying in camps and slums.
May Palestine be returned to those who belong there
And whose ancestors have dwelled there for three thousand years,
Those who can base their claims on more than myths and nonsense.

May the True Hebrews find their peaceful home
And escape the scourge of the false Israel- a corrupt house of European Jews
Who were illegally given land stolen from others by British and American overlords
And who are propped up to this day by the might of America alone
And given free reign to terrorize others.

To all who have colluded in this terrible injustice to man:
May you fall victim to the terrors written here with great swiftness.
And may a day come soon in which Zionist Israel exists no longer.

Thursday, December 25th, 2008
7:04 pm
The Spirit of Yule-Tide

Glad Yule! Here is an essay on the Real Reason for the Season.


Thursday, December 18th, 2008
8:32 pm
Crooker of the Derwent and Malevolent Water Weirds

A Painting of the Derwent River

Here is an essay I wrote about Crooker, a well-known (in some circles) malevolent spirit who inhabits the Derwent River in England. The essay is also a brief exploration of "water weirds"- the spirits of bodies of water- in folk-animism and belief.


Saturday, December 13th, 2008
6:21 pm
The Toad Bone Treatise: A New Horizon for Modern Witchcraft

For all you sorcerously inclined people out there:

Liber Hydrargyrum

Steps Towards an Occult Natural Science and the Advanced Practice of Sorcery


Some parts of the document are very philosophical; others far more "earthy" and praxis-based. I think it all came out pretty well. I think it will be a good source of interest and insight for those who are just dented a bit already. Glad Yule to you all!
Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008
12:50 pm
Hello, all.  I just joined and am taking a moment to introduce myself as requested on the community's profile page.

I'm Rob Hewitt.  I'm a fifty year old Heathen and an oathed gesíþ of the Geférræden Fyrnsidu (GFS).  I live in New England.  There's not much content on my bardawulf journal, as yet.  I just created it as a place for posts specifically relating to my practice of Heathenry.  Most all of my posts can be found on the bealdordash journal I've been using 'til now, and where I'll continue to post about other subjects not Heathen specific.


Friday, November 14th, 2008
6:45 pm
Orlog: The Procession of the Ages of the World

Orlog: The Procession of the Ages of the World

A Suggested Schema for Understanding the Becoming, Perishing, and Re-Becoming of the Nine World System Based on Voluspa and Gylfaginning

A Heathen Perspective on the History of the World and the Cosmos by Robin Artisson

Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved

Click Here for the Show:


Friday, October 31st, 2008
3:19 am
The Curse Must Pass Away

The Curse Must Pass Away:
The Healing Power of the Archetypal Myth of the Vampire and the Vampire-Slayer

A Basic Primer to the Hunting and Slaying of the Undead for Modern People Who Suffer from their Predations

By Robin Artisson
Copyright © 2008

It's Time to Kill Vampires

Saturday, October 11th, 2008
8:16 pm
Friends of the Gods: Get in on the ground floor

So now, the rant has gone beyond driven. Are you a friend of the Gods? I hope so. The time for political correctness is over. Woodsmoke, blood, feet being bashed against stones, honey and incense, the mind opening and entering the sky, the wisdom of the very old times, and the fulfillment of every aesthetic promise made by the sacred mythologies of old is at hand. I suppose you will need to be a little unhinged to make the walk... but hey, I've been walking for a long time, and look how good I'm doing! It's time to take a new look at what the ancients believed, and see how it matters now. Truth and Freedom are the common foundations of all greatness.


Click on the image to take a walk on the Polyside! All you spiritual rogues and anarchists that love the Gods need to work with me here. I got a list going, and I'm checking it twice, knowing full well who's been naughty or nice. Bronze for the skull bowls!

A benefit of joining the Yahoo! group will be great: you'll get tri-weekly issues of "Uncommon Piety: The Chronicle of Theon Philoi"- a journal for pan-Indo European Polytheistic religious experience in the modern day- full of awesome articles about being a Friend of the Gods in the 21st century.

Thursday, September 18th, 2008
2:25 pm
Harvest of Life Force: Crafting a Bindrune

I have written a post here regarding the science of Esoteric Runology. I give an introduction to Runic mysticism and talisman construction, as well as showing how I designed a Bindrune for a nice lady in England, starting with Rune-meanings, going to a Rune-row, and the final construction of the Bindrune itself, in two different forms. I talk at length about Runic mythology and numerology, and show how it relates to the process. I hope you all get some use out of it.


Saturday, September 13th, 2008
6:56 am
I just thought I would post a link to owl_clan 's page on encyclopedia dramatica.


Thursday, September 4th, 2008
10:18 pm
A Wyrd Way of Seeing

A Wyrd Way of Seeing: The Worldview of Wyrd as Primordial Cybernetics

The Spinning of the Nornir and the Ancient Worldview of Wyrd
As Expressed in Terms of Modern Systems Theory


Sunday, August 31st, 2008
6:17 pm
The Giants in the Water

Of all the great natural bodies of power that our Ancestors dealt with on a daily basis, the seas and oceans inspired more awe than most. When we stare at the great waters, we see not just an endless reservoir of power, but the origins of our very lives- the primordial genetic material that was the foundation of all life on land was once in the ocean. There is a great awe and fear of the oceans and seas, because they are containers of immense and mysterious powers, not all of them friendly to mankind.

The elements in their primordial form (which includes the ground under your feet, the water in rivers and oceans, lightning flashing through the sky, forest fires, and winds, among others) are by nature "giantish"- untamed and occasionally dangerous to man. It's impossible to avoid the feeling of awe when you see these hurricanes on satellite imaging, swirling with their massive spiraling arms, moving relentlessly towards land.

There is no evil in them; they are simply expressions of the might of nature itself, so massive and powerful that they move along on their Fated courses, heedless of the tiny specks of life that they blast by. I always compared them to the most massive whales in the deep ocean: massive creatures plowing along through the water, steadily, consuming thousands of pounds of tiny life-forms in the ocean as they go- they don't viciously seek to destroy life; they are simply doing as they do, never thinking twice about it.

The Gods, Hurricanes, and HeroesCollapse )

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
5:44 pm
Thoughts on the Future of Revived Paganism

Okay, I've decided to write a series of letters to discuss the future of revived Paganism. Understand that I have to make a distinction here between "Witchcraft" in the traditional sense- which is really a wide-ranging term including many forms of sorcery, all of which can (and do) exist despite the culture that surrounds them. Some cultures make it hard to be a sorcerer or practice occult/sorcerous arts, but still, they persist. Traditional Witchcraft, in the true modern sense, is a phenomenon that existed during Christian times, and now exists in the skeptical/scientific post-Christian era.

I don't worry too much about the "future" of Witchcraft; it will always remain, no matter how small or diffuse it is, because people will always seek out fringe elements of spirituality or the occult, regardless of society or culture's mainstream beliefs.

But what of "revived" Paganism, such as Asatru, Celtic Reconstructionism, Hellenism, Romuva, and the other revived Indo-European Pagan models? They have adherents, good lore and sources, reasonably strong structure as far as rituals and notions of sacred days and seasons: they have all they need to induct newborns and converts into their communities, and all they need to marry people and bury them, with rites. These revived faiths are pretty much complete faiths, with one exception: they all have pretty small populations of adherents.

So where do they go from here? A small population is bad news, for many reasons, but chiefly because small numbers means "little known", even in this day and age of the internet. "Little known" means "little or no political and legal recognition", and that means no support from anyone or anything else other than whatever few people (if any) you have near you that also practice your faith or believe as you do.

Hit this link for moreCollapse )

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
1:19 pm
Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
8:34 am
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