Robin Artisson (owl_clan) wrote in polytheology,
Robin Artisson

Friends of the Gods: Get in on the ground floor

So now, the rant has gone beyond driven. Are you a friend of the Gods? I hope so. The time for political correctness is over. Woodsmoke, blood, feet being bashed against stones, honey and incense, the mind opening and entering the sky, the wisdom of the very old times, and the fulfillment of every aesthetic promise made by the sacred mythologies of old is at hand. I suppose you will need to be a little unhinged to make the walk... but hey, I've been walking for a long time, and look how good I'm doing! It's time to take a new look at what the ancients believed, and see how it matters now. Truth and Freedom are the common foundations of all greatness.


Click on the image to take a walk on the Polyside! All you spiritual rogues and anarchists that love the Gods need to work with me here. I got a list going, and I'm checking it twice, knowing full well who's been naughty or nice. Bronze for the skull bowls!

A benefit of joining the Yahoo! group will be great: you'll get tri-weekly issues of "Uncommon Piety: The Chronicle of Theon Philoi"- a journal for pan-Indo European Polytheistic religious experience in the modern day- full of awesome articles about being a Friend of the Gods in the 21st century.

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